It’s a sure sign of summer, if the chair you sit on, gets up when you do. Yes, it’s that time of the year again when the sweltering heat can burn almost anything. While many have already invested in cooling equipment, there are some who are still trying to pick the right AC. With offers galore, the market is flooded with so many choices. These choices often confuse customers. They wonder how to choose the best air conditioner in Qatar. To make it easier, we have enumerated a few factors that you must consider before investing in the right air conditioner for your home or office.

Space constraints

Before narrowing down choices for your air conditioner, it is necessary to consider the space constraint in the area you wish to install the AC for. Different ACs are installed in different parts of the room. For example, window Air conditioners are usually fitted onto the windows and split air conditioners are mounted on the walls.

Split air conditioners are the most popular because they take up less space and are aesthetically preferred.


While investing in electronic equipment, budget is one of the factors that plays an important role. Look for an air conditioner that fulfills all the criteria and fits into your budget too. Oryx tec, one of the most preferred choices for air conditioners, offer a wide range of air conditioners that fits in your budget.

Cooling capacity

The cooling capacity is directly proportionate to the size of the room required to be cooled. Buying a high-capacity air conditioner for a small space will result in a colossal waste of energy. Therefore, it is advisable to consider the cooling capacity of the air conditioner based on the area of the room.

Energy savers

Summers need not necessarily mean soaring electricity bills. Many split air conditioners come with inverter technology that are energy efficient and can save you from a hefty electricity bill. Air Conditioners that do not use inverter technology, run on the power “on and off” principle which results in high power consumption and higher electricity bills.


Make sure you select an air conditioner with a good dust filtration mechanism in place. Breathing in clean air in an enclosed room is as important as feeling the cool air of the air conditioner.

Air Conditioner energy efficiency rating

Air conditioners usually come with a rating from 1 star to 5 star. 5 stars being the most energy efficient air conditioners. This standardized rating is provided by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. Make sure that you purchase an air conditioner which has more than a 3-star rating. Then you can be rest assured that your bills won’t be skyrocketing.

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