Washing machines are a real lifesaver when it comes to washing dirty linen. Apart from eliminating the difficult chore altogether, washing machines can render clothes sparkling clean. So, investing in a washing machine is the right decision. However, the flood of choices in the market can be more than overwhelming. Modern washing machines come with a variety of features that could often confuse a customer. 

 If you are confused regarding the type of washing machine you need, consider the following factors before you invest in one.

Fully automatic or Semi-Automatic 

Basically, there are two types of washing machines. One being fully automated while the other being semi-automatic. The main difference between the two is that the semi-automatic machine comes with two tubs One for wet washing while the other tub is meant for a spin dry. The linen, once washed, needs to be manually transferred into the dryer tub before coming out clean and dry. 

On the other hand, fully automatic washing machines allow you to forget your clothes until the washing and drying process is complete. 

Front load Vs Top Load

Top load washing machines have the opening at the top end of the machines and have a cylindrical tub placed vertically. While front load washing machines are accessible through the front. 

While most features are more or less the same, you might want to consider factors like that recent back pain of yours before you decide on which end the door opens. With a top load you might have fewer bends while putting in the clothes. Also, top end washing machines can be opened between cycles while the door of front load washing machines remains locked throughout the process. 

Space matters

Deciding on a front load or top load washing machine is also greatly influenced by your space constraints. If you have a cozy nook under a table top, you might want to go in for a front load washing machine that allows you to open the door from the front. 


The next thing to consider before you invest in a washing machine is the amount of dirty linen you need to wash in a day. Washing machines come with different capacity levels like 5kg capacity washing machines or a 7 kg capacity. You can decide this need based on the amount of linen you wash in a day. 

Material of Cylindrical tub

The cylindrical tub inside washing machines maybe of three types:

  • Plastic
  • Porcelain Enamel
  • Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is by far one of the best options for the cylindrical washing machine tub. They offer durability and stability in the long run. 

Washing machine features

Today, washing machines come with a host of new and advanced features. Some washing machines come with features like temperature control, timer or features based on type of fabrics. Browse through the features and gauge the need for the right ones. Some washing machines come with a Fuzzy logic feature which allows your washing machine to think for itself! In other words, your washing machine will know what type of washing cycle needs to be applied for particular types of garments. Now that’s what you call advancement in technology. 

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