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Buy Massagers online in Qatar

Massage and relaxation are age old techniques to calm the mind and body. Messages and relaxation also relieve the body of any pains and aches.

Massage chairs
Massage and relaxation chairs are specialised types of chairs that offer a number of massaging techniques without the involvement of a masseur. Based on the types of massages chairs provide, they can be broadly classified according to their frames

Fixed frame chairs
These chairs are built with a rectangular steel frame placed at the back rest of the chair. To this frame massage rollers and balls are fixed to. Since this is a fixed frame, the rollers and balls can move only in a horizontal or vertical position.

S Track massage chairs
As the name suggests, these frames are S shaped. As the massage area is the back of your body, the S shape of the frame is shaped according to the spine of the body.

These massage rollers and balls move in a third direction to provide high quality massage therapy.

Hybrid massage chairs
These massage chairs not only provide massage to the back but also the lower portion of the seat and can also extend to the calf muscle and foot. These chairs provide an overall body massage.

Massage chairs can also be classified according to design

Stealth massage chairs
Stealth massage chairs are more aesthetically designed to fit in your beautiful home. They provide comfortable massage options and can be fitted in any room.

Features of massage chairs
Massage chairs provide many advanced features today. From foot massage to back and neck. Advanced features of massage chairs is the inclusion of Bluetooth or USB portal for music.

Hand held massage appliances
Hand held small massage appliances are convenient to carry and provide short duration massage solutions. The advantage of these hand-held massage devices is that they are portable and can be used to massage any part of the body.

Pillow massage
Pillow massages are shaped like a pillow and placed on any chair for massaging the back and neck portions while sitting.


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