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Buy laundry equipment online in Qatar

For your online laundry equipment needs, ORYX is your one-stop-store. We offer various categories of laundry equipment. Our washing machines on display come in standalone washers or washing machines with dryers.

Washing machines are a mechanical process of rinsing and washing clothes and other fabric materials. There are several types of washing machines

Front-load washing machines
These washing machines are fully automatic and are popular in many households. These machines have various functions that allow the rinse, spin, and semi-drying of clothes. Front-load washing machines cannot be opened in the middle of the cycle.

Fully automatic top loading
These washing machines are also popular because they are efficient and cost-effective. These machines’ doors can be operated in the middle of their cycle.They come with many features that allow you to change the temperature or the number of rinse cycles in a single wash.

Semi-automatic washing machines
These washing machines will not allow you to dry clothes at the same time. The washer and dryer tub are separated and have to be manually operated. Semi-automatic washing machines are cheaper than fully automatic machines, and the tubs can be manually filled with water through a bucket if there is no running water in the tap.

Washer and dryer combo
Washing machines with dryer combinations are popular in tropical regions where they experience long hours of rain with little or no sunlight throughout the day. Such places make it difficult to dry clothes in the rainy season. A washing machine with a dryer combo is best suited for these regions.

We are regarded as one of the top dealers and manufacturers of laundry equipment in Qatar. We provide quality services, including after-sale visits. We have a range of washing machines to choose from. We have the top global brands on display in our laundry equipment online.


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