Buy Air Conditioners online in Qatar

At Oryx Qatar, we offer the best range of air conditioners that are tailor made to suit your needs. Our wide categories of air conditioners include

Split Air conditioners
Split air conditioners consist of two systems- an indoor unit and an outdoor system. These kinds of air conditioners are useful in enclosed areas that do not have access to many windows. Split air conditioners have thermostats that allow you to personally control the cooling effect in the room. They aesthetically fit well into rooms of an office or home.

Window air conditioners
Window air conditioners as the name suggests are mounted on windows. These air conditioners are easily installed and easily removable. It works on the principle of the refrigeration system, removing hot air from the room and forcing cold air through the cooling system.

Floor standing air conditioners
Floor standing air conditioners are portable and lightweight. It is usually used in homes or office spaces that do not have access to windows. Floor standing air conditioners are best suited for very small areas or personal use.

Cassette AC
Typically, cassette air conditioners are mounted on ceilings of enclosed areas. Cassette air conditioners suit all areas because of its inbuilt design. These units merge with the ceiling, thereby avoiding any bulky look on the exteriors or interiors.

This type of air conditioner requires false ceilings in order to conceal the mechanism. It is best suited for large areas with flat ceilings.

Central Air conditioners
Central air conditioners are best suited for large spaces and places which require simultaneous cooling of different rooms. Usually, hotels and commercial complexes use central air conditioners to meet their cooling requirements. The compressors of central air conditioners are placed on the outside of the building. However, installing central air conditioners requires large alterations to be made in the enclosed space.

Our team at Oryx Qatar will help you and guide you in making the perfect decision regarding the choice of air conditioner.