The summer has set in and the temperatures are soaring. Summers can be harsh. Extreme heat conditions have a number of adverse effects.

  • • Heat stroke
  • • Skin rashes
  • • Food poisoning
  • • Dehydration
  • • Mumps
  • • Irritation
  • • Sunburn among several other conditions

Not only does the scorching heat result in these unwanted conditions but also leads to fatigue and exhaustion.

So, the first question on everyone’s mind is how to beat the summer?

The most obvious answer to this question is to stay indoors, away from direct sunlight. This may help you stay clear of sunburns and tanning but will still not be sufficient enough to help you cool down. Cooling your home with summer essential appliances is a necessity.

Here, we have put together some of the summer essential appliances to help you beat the heat in your home.

Air conditioners

Air conditioners are the most popular and efficient investments during the summer season. Enjoying the icy cool conditioned atmosphere in the comfort of your home will feel like bliss on a sunny and sultry day.

Air conditioners absorb the heat in the atmosphere and control the humidity in the air. The hot air is replaced with cooler air, making the atmosphere cool and comfortable.

As one of the best air conditioner companies in Qatar, Oryx tec offers a wide range of air conditioners to customers. Air conditioner choices depend on the cooling capacity, energy efficiency, space type and cost affordability.


Another summer essential appliance to help you beat the summer are fans. There are many fans available in the market today.

  • • Ceiling fan
  • • Pedestal fans
  • • Floor standing
  • • Table fans
  • • Wall fans

Fans work on the principle of rotating blades that provides a current of air for cooling. Fans are usually placed in areas where it is not possible to install air conditioners. Usually, outdoor venues use portable fans to cool the surrounding air.


When food spoils faster than usual, you know the summer has set in. One of the most common complaints during the summer season are food poisoning and stomach ailments. Ever wondered why this happens? Well, food spoilage is due to a process called oxidation which is rapid at high temperatures. Moreover, microbes present in food thrive and multiply in hot conditions rather than in cooler conditions. Therefore, in the summer season, food kept out and exposed to the hot atmospheric conditions are more likely to spoil. Refrigerating the food is one of the most essential solutions to the problem

Investing in a refrigerator this summer season can save your food from spoiling and prevent ill health conditions due to spoiled food. Refrigerators can store food for days, keeping it as fresh as when it was prepared.

Refrigerators come in various designs with different working mechanisms

  • • Single door
  • • Double door
  • • Side by side refrigerator
  • • Bottom freezer refrigerator
  • • French door among others.
Invest in the right summer essential appliances to make your home cool and comfortable.

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