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Buy Small Appliances online in Qatar

Life is much easier when you have small gadgets and appliances to do the job for you. Shop on our site for a range of small appliances to make your life easier.

At our Oryx online store, we offer the world’s best coffee makers and vacuum cleaners.

Start your mornings off right with the perfect cup of coffee from a variety of coffee makers.

Drip coffee maker
These coffee makers are durable and affordable. The drip mechanism in this coffee maker allows quick preparation of coffee at a single time.

Brew coffee makers
These coffee makers brew the coffee in their systems and pour out ready-to-drink coffee with foam in the cups placed below.

Vacuum cleaners
Vacuum cleaners save you the trouble of cleaning the dust off your floors. Vacuum cleaners work by creating a force of air that pulls or sucks the dust in. They are efficient and handy when it comes to carpeted areas in homes and commercial spaces like offices and shops.

Hand held vacuum cleaners
These vacuum cleaners are easy to use and are manually operated. They are popular because the handle of these vacuum cleaners can reach difficult spots in a room.

Canister vacuum cleaners
Canister vacuum cleaners have good maneuverability. They have separate dirt collectors and motors to function. They are lightweight and easy to move around.

Upright vacuum cleaners
Upright vacuum cleaners are a popular type of vacuum cleaner in homes. These vacuum cleaners look sleek and are easily mobile around the cleaning space. They can be used on carpeted regions as well as bare floors.

Stick Vacuum cleaners
Stick vacuum cleaners are slender and can reach difficult spots in a room. It is probably less powerful than other vacuum cleaners, but it serves the purpose of a dust free room. Because these vacuum cleaners are slender, they can fit into storage closets or into small corners.

ORYX offers a wide range of Hitachi vacuum cleaners. One of the best brands in home cleaning equipment, our range of vacuum cleaners is unbeatable.


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