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Copper pipes are used in a number of construction works including heating and cooling equipment, air conditioning and refrigeration lines.

Copper pipes are corrosion resistant and durable. The different types of copper pipes are based on size and flexibility of the pipes.

Oryx tec is a leading supplier of copper round pipes which are used in a number of industries.
Types of copper piping
K Type

K type copper pipes have thick walls. They are the most durable of the copper pipes. The inside diameter of K type pipes will be much less than the outer diameter, owing to the thickness of the copper walls.

L Type

Also with thick walls is the L Type of copper piping, Although not as thick as K Type walls, the L Type pipes are also considered durable and long lasting.

M Type copper piping

M Type copper pipes are thin. These pipes are light weight owing to their thin walls. They are cheap and less rigid than K and L type copper pipes.

DWV Pipes
As the name suggests these pipes are used in drains, waste and vent. They are very thin pipes that can be used for drains and waste works. These pipes can withstand light water pressure and are hence not used in water pipes.

The quality of copper tubes, pipes and coils are standardised by the American Society for Testing and Materials.

These are seamless copper tubes which are generally used for refrigeration and in air conditioning accessories.


Intended for alterations and repairs in air conditioning and refrigeration piping, B 280 are tubes or coils.
Copper pipe size
The size of copper pipes is measured according to the inside diameter in coordination with the outside diameter. The thickness of the wall of the copper wire plays an important role while determining the thickness of the copper tube or coil.

For a copper tube of ASTM ⅞, the outside diameter will be 0.875 inches and inside diameter will be 0.785 inches with wall thickness of 0.045inches.

Copper tubes are used as air conditioning accessories and refrigeration equipment.

Oryx tec is regarded as one of the top air-conditioning accessories online suppliers in Qatar.


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