Buy Smart TV online in Qatar

SMART TVS are televisions that can be connected to the internet. They work like android systems providing you access to the world wide web. SMART TVs allow you to stream music and play videos from the internet. Apart from the internet connectivity, these televisions work like the basic television transmitting cable network TV.

Advancements in technology have brought with it revolutionary changes in audio and visual equipment. The latest in technology are SMART LED TVs.

SMART TVs work like an android system with preloaded software applications that can be updated even at a later stage.

LED Televisions

LED televisions use Light emitting Diodes to light up the display. LED TVs significantly consume less power than traditional televisions. They convert power to light more efficiently and last much longer than a traditional television.

Based on the positioning of the light system, there are three types of LED TVs

Edge light LED where the lights are placed on the edge of the unit. These LED TVs are slimmer

RGB LED. The lights in these TVs are placed at the back panel of the television. As these lights are placed behind, it is possible to target specific dim areas on the screen and provide appropriate lighting.


These televisions are Full Array LED televisions. Full Array LED TVs, like the RGB lights, are placed in the back panel of the television. There is no provision for target specific lighting.

LED SMART television gives you sharper and more advanced features in display. High quality pictures with more defined colours are the unique features of SMART LED televisions.

SMART LED TVs look sleek and can be placed directly on the wall with minimum invasive drilling. Table top stands for LED televisions are also an available option. These televisions come in various display sizes.

HD televisions are High definition televisions which offer superior clarity in pictures as compared to older televisions.

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