While the heat of August pushes the mercury above 40° C in Qatar, many are frantically looking to upgrade their Air Conditioners (ACs). But shopping for an AC in Qatar is not child’s play. There are umpteen brands and several competent models to choose from. Research conducted in 2017 proved that when it comes to ACs in a residential space, the issue of high energy consumption and low energy efficiency is quite common. Since it is common knowledge that split ACs are more energy efficient, you should always choose a split over a window AC for your home.

But before making a choice, you should explore split AC prices in Qatar. This list of the top 5 picks for this summer will help you make an informed decision when buying a split AC in Qatar.

  1. Midea

Midea is a premium Chinese brand of AC that offers a wide selection of products. The Midea 1.5-ton AG Series Split AC Rotary is arguably one of the best split ACs you can find in Qatar. It is both energy efficient and environmentally friendly with an Energy Efficiency Ration (EER) of 10.75 and a 6 Star Rating. For a price of only QAR 2,300, you get advanced features like 3D airflow, dual filtration, and turbo mode.

  1. Hitachi

From across the East China Sea, Japan brings you one of its finest brands, Hitachi. The Hitachi 1-ton Split AC Rotary Compressor is a one-of-a-kind cooling machine. When looking for split AC prices in Qatar, this one is sure to catch your eye as it costs just QAR 1,900. This is usually a better choice than most ACs in Qatar because it can cool your room even at higher ambient temperatures. Moreover, its durable compressor is specially designed for extreme summers akin to what we face in Qatar. 

  1. Elite Eco

Designed and manufactured right here in Qatar, the Oryx Elite Eco is a pocket-friendly product. It ranks as one of the most affordable on the list of split AC prices in Qatar. At an attractive deal of QAR 2,420, the Oryx Elite Eco comes with a special golden fins technology. Moreover, the name ‘Eco’ means that this split AC comes with a built-in economy mode as well.

  1. Blue Star

This entry comes from India and is an excellent example of Indian technological craftsmanship. Among the many products of this brand, the Blue Star 1.5 ton AC is possibly the most sought after. This is because a 1.5-ton split AC can efficiently cool both small and moderately large rooms. Just like the Oryx Elite Eco, this model of Blue Star also comes with golden fins technology. However, the cherry on the cake is a smart LED display and timer.

  1. Oryx Glory

Last but not least, the Oryx Glory is a split AC designed for the most premium users. At 1.5 ton capacity, this split AC comes packed with state-of-the-art features. It boasts of a self-cleaning feature along with the latest WIFI technology. The biggest attraction of this split AC is its ‘follow me’ function, which enables this AC to detect your movement and move the louvres to follow it. With so many features, a price point of QAR 2,750 is surely a value for money in comparison to the split AC prices in Qatar.


Each of the split ACs on this list has its unique function. While all of them provide the best cooling, you should only choose a split AC that is best suited to your room size. However, it is always advisable to explore the Oryx-Tec website for a large selection of attractive deals on split AC price in Qatar.

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