With all the craze about ‘inverter air conditioners, you may be curious to find out what it exactly is. There is a lot of misinformation about inverter ACs in Qatar since they are a new addition to the range of split ACs in Qatar. Moreover, you may also not be too sure of the authenticity of explanations provided by salespeople about its benefits. So, let’s take a look at what an inverter AC is and what are the benefits of a 2.5-ton inverter AC in Qatar.

What is an Inverter AC?

Inverter technology is essentially a mechanism to increase the efficiency of your AC’s motor. In a regular rotary AC, the fan speed is adjusted by turning the motor ON or OFF. However, in an inverter AC, this is done by directly adjusting the speed of the motor itself. With a 2.5-ton inverter AC in Qatar, you can rest assured that the intelligent inverter technology will manage the compressor operations for you. In this way, your room is maintained at a constant temperature. 

Benefits of 2.5-ton Inverter AC in Qatar

Due to its function of adjusting the compressor motor speed, a 2.5-ton inverter AC in Qatar can bring you several benefits. 

  1. Save Electricity Every Day

An inverter compressor motor does not need to turn ON or OFF repeatedly to adjust the room temperature. Instead, it adjusts the compressor speed. Repeatedly turning ON or OFF consumes more power than adjusting the compressor speed. Hence, you will receive a lower electricity bill each month even if your AC is of a 2.5-ton capacity.

  1. Help Protect the Environment

With a lower power consumption, your 2.5-ton inverter AC in Qatar is also more environmentally-friendly. This is because lower electricity consumption equates to reduced use of natural resources to generate electricity. This means that by simply buying a 2.5-ton inverter AC in Qatar, you can do your bit for the environment.

  1. Be Cooler than Others

A regular AC will cool your room at the same speed regardless of the temperature you set it at. This is because it cannot adjust the speed of its compressor. However, a 2.5-ton inverter AC in Qatar can increase the speed of cooling. This means that if you set your inverter AC at 18°C, it will run the compressor faster to cool your room quicker. However, if you set your inverter AC at 25°C, then the compressor will run comparatively slower. 

  1. Enjoy a Silent AC

Since a 2.5-ton inverter AC in Qatar can run at both high and low compressor speeds, it has a variable noise level as well. When such an AC runs at a higher compressor speed, the noise level may be higher. On the other hand, when your room has already been considerably cooled down, it will run at lower compressor speeds. Hence, such an AC is usually silent most of the time. 

  1. Sleep Better at Night

The reduced noise level of a 2.5-ton inverter AC in Qatar can also help you sleep better at night. Moreover, an inverter AC like the ORYX Glory 2.5-ton Inverter AC can intelligently sense the ambient temperature and adjust its compressor speeds accordingly. This will ensure that you sleep better at night, knowing that your AC can optimise power consumption on its own. Interestingly, the ORYX Glory inverter AC has been known to consume 60% less power than other inverter ACs in Qatar. This can make it your top choice when buying a 2.5-ton inverter AC in Qatar.

Key Takeaway

All of these benefits can help you decide on whether or not to buy a 2.5-ton inverter Air Conditioner in Qatar. However, if you plan to buy one to save money, and energy, and be more environmentally friendly, then Oryx Tec is the place to do so. Oryx Tec in Qatar offers you a wide selection of budget and premium ACs.

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