In the unforgiving hot weather of the Gulf region, living without an Air Conditioner (AC) is practically unthinkable. Hence, the first thing you end up purchasing for your home is an AC. The choice of which AC to purchase usually depends on the size of your room. If your room is between 200 and 250 square feet, then a 1 to 1.5-ton AC should suffice. However, if your room is about 400 square feet, then you will need a 2-ton AC to fully cool it during the peak of summer. So if you are planning to invest in a 2-ton Split AC in Qatar, then this is your ultimate buying guide. These top five 2-ton split ACs in Qatar may just make you reconsider your choices.

AUX FA Series 2-Ton Split AC
AUX is one of the top 3 air conditioning brands in China. The AUX FA Series 2-ton split AC is considered one of the best 2-ton split ACs in Qatar because of its superior durability. Apart from durability, it comes with a 7-star energy efficiency rating, making it an eco-friendly AC as well. Moreover, with its golden fins, this AC has a much better efficiency of heat transfer. This AC should be your top pick if you prefer a machine that can use its Turbo mode to instantly cool down your room in Qatar.

Hitachi RMZ024EEDA2EB 2-Ton Split AC
This Japanese electronics giant has long been known for making some of the highest quality ACs across the world. The Hitachi 2-ton split AC is powered by a rotary compressor and also comes with a 6-star energy efficiency rating. However, its defining trait is the iSense feature that detects when you are sleeping. Once the AC detects that you are asleep, it gradually powers down to a mild level to reduce energy consumption. This is beneficial because during sleep your body temperature reduces naturally. Besides, the Hitachi 2-ton split AC also comes with a dehumidifier and auto-restart function.

Midea AG Series 2-Ton Split AC
This AC from Midea comes equipped with a 3D airflow function making it appropriate for a crowded room where every corner of the room needs to be cooled proportionality. It is especially effective for children because of its dual filtration technology. This technology ensures that any dust and other harmful suspended particulate matter in the air are filtered out. This keeps your child’s respiratory system healthy. Moreover, the windblast function of this 2-ton split AC in Qatar is adequate for even the hottest of summers.

ORYX Elite Split AC 2-Ton
However, if you are looking for a more advanced product at a more affordable price point, the ORYX Elite 2-ton split AC may be the best choice for you. This AC is manufactured by a homegrown electronics brand in Qatar. Due to the drive for saving electricity in Qatar, this AC comes equipped with an Economy mode. Apart from that, its golden fins technology and 4-way direction cooling, along with an affordable price point, make it the best AC for those who are on a tight budget.

ORYX Elite Eco Split AC 2-Ton
While this AC is not very different from the previous model, it does have additional energy efficiency capabilities. Despite being a 2-ton AC, the ORYX Elite Eco split AC does not clock as many units as its competitors. What’s more, this AC also comes in a floor-standing variant, making it quite a diverse choice of 2-ton split AC in Qatar. Apart from this, the ORYX Elite Eco Split AC comes packed with all features similar to the ORYX Elite Split AC. However, you will be able to easily tell the difference in the cooling capacity of the two.

Key Takeaway
Therefore, regardless of the purpose, purchasing a 2-ton split AC in Qatar has now become a necessity rather than a luxury. If you find yourself at odds when choosing a new AC for your home, then this exhaustive list of the top 5 potential ACs is sure to help you make an informed choice.

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