Buy Kitchen Appliances online in Qatar

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Setting your kitchen with the best kitchen appliances is like seasoning it with love. At Oryx we offer the finest range of kitchen appliances, to make your kitchen a happy place. We are known for our wide range of cooking units and appliances.

Cooking ranges Cooking ranges are the most pivotal part of a kitchen and includes the stove top and oven part. The advantage of investing in a cooking range is that you do not have to invest in two separate units. There are two types of cooking ranges

Gas cooker These type of cooking ranges run on fuel. The advantage of buying gas cooking ranges is that the fame is visible and therefore adjustable according to the chef’s needs.

Electric Cooker As the name suggests these cooking ranges run on electricity, so it is advisable to have a electricity back up option before buying an electric cooking range. These ranges are sleek and look aesthetic in modular kitchens. Electric cookers are preferred by professional bakers.

Dual cookers These cooking ranges combine the benefits of both gas stove tops and electric oven part. Cooking and baking become easier in a dual cooking rang. Apart from the two type pf cookers, cooking ranges also come in different styles and designs.

Built in cooking ranges These cookers are made to fit into your kitchen space. Provisions are made for the cooking range to fit into exactly into your compartment space in the kitchen

Free standing cookers These are stand alone cookers that can be moved and placed anywhere in the kitchen Cooking ranges come in various sizes including different number of burners and features. Many cookers come with separate features suitable for commercial cooking like charbroiler and griddle.

Refrigerators Refrigerators are used to keep food fresh. It is advisable to invest in a good refrigerator as it is an important part of the kitchen.

Side by side refrigerators These are refrigerators with two doors placed side by side. They offer the convenience of having the freezer on one side and the refrigerator on the other side. Space is not a constraint in the refrigerators. They are sleek in design and are a popular choice amongst buyers. French door with drawer Side by side refrigerators with a freezer drawer at the bottom is also a popular choice.

Top freezer refrigerators The more tradition design in refrigerators are the top freezer refrigerators. Here the single door freezer compartment is placed above the single door refrigerator

Refrigerators with water dispensers These refrigerators have water or ice dispensers inbuilt in the doors of the refrigerators. Water is easily accessible from the door. Refrigerators designs according finish Refrigerators come in various surface finishes like matte finish, glossy, designed and plain surfaces. Oryx finest selection of refrigerators from top brands from all over the world. Our choice of refrigerators are unique with respect to efficiency, style, design and technology. We have a wide range of designs from single, double and triple door refrigerators to pull out drawer designs in refrigerators

Freezers Freezers are mainly used for long term storage of perishable goods. They are suitable for homes and commercial spaces that need to store perishable food for long periods of time. Single door chest freezers are large and spacious and have enough storage capacity. These freezers occupy lot of space. The hinged door opens upwards and give a complete view of the frozen packages in the freezer. These freezers are used mainly for commercial purposes usually in the perishable goods industry.

Water dispensers Water dispensers are usually used in offices and commercial areas for making drinking water available to the public. Water is made available in three temperatures- hot, cold and normal temperatures. Water dispensers come with various features and functions like table top water dispensers, floor standing water dispensers, and bottle less dispensers. Oryx is regarded as one of the top dealers in kitchen appliances in Qatar. We offer the widest range of products at affordable rates. We value our customers precious money and time and therefore offer the best products at competitive costs.