A cold glass of water on a hot day or a warm glass of water for a sore throat can taste divine especially when you need it. However, you don’t always remember to put a bottle of water in the fridge. This is when you miss out on a cold glass of water. On the flip side, when you need a hot cup of water, the task of heating the water on a gas stove or microwave can even deter you from drinking water at all. This is where water dispensers come to the rescue.

A water dispenser is a canister that stores water and dispenses it when required. Water dispenses can come with temperature control which allows the flow of hot or cold water. They can be placed in office buildings, public spaces or near restrooms for the convenience of the public. Water dispensers can also be used in private kitchens for the convenience of family members at home. Before buying a water dispenser there are several factors you must keep in mind.

Type of water dispenser

There are many types of water dispensers available in the market. For example, the two main types of water dispensers are tabletop water dispensers and free-standing water dispensers. Although there are others like wall mounted water dispensers too. Depending on your space constraints you can choose a tabletop or free-standing water dispenser.

Zenan ZE-5X29C gold Water Dispenser


An important factor that controls your choice of water dispenser is the pricing. Depending on the features of the water dispensers, the pricing will always vary. For example, a basic model will be available at a lower cost while a temperature-controlled water dispenser will cost more. Oryx Tec, one of the leading electrical appliances companies in Qatar, has been at the forefront when it comes to providing a range of water dispensers at affordable costs.

Temperature control

While investing in a water dispenser, you must understand your need for temperature controlled water. If you require hot and cold water regularly, you must invest in a temperature controlled water dispenser that offers this feature. There are water dispensers which dispense only cold water or others which dispense hot and cold water through different nozzles simultaneously.


Checking the capacity of water dispensers is very important. Capacity refers to the amount of water the water dispenser can hold or dispense at a given time. If you require a water dispenser for personal use, then you can choose a small water dispenser with a smaller capacity. However, for big offices and public spaces, water dispensers are usually bigger with larger capacities because of the higher demand for water. Consider your capacity requirements before investing in a water dispenser.

Zenan ze-5x29t water dispenser – Gold

Child safety

If you choose to buy a temperature-controlled water dispenser, it is advisable to look for an added child safety feature. As these water dispensers dispense boiling hot water, it could prove to be disastrous if operated by young children. Therefore, make sure your temperature-controlled water dispenser has a child lock feature which allows you to lock the hot water dispenser when you are not around.

Drip tray feature

This may seem like a minute detail to consider, but in the long run, a drip tray can prove more useful than ever. Water dispensers without a drip tray can mean spilt water on the floor. This can prove to be dangerous and can even lead to accidents and falls due to slippery floors. You might want to choose a water dispenser that comes with an easy to remove and clean drip tray.

Zenan ze-5x64c water dispenser


Go through this helpful guide and narrow your choices before you buy a water dispenser. Hopefully, the above tips allow you to decide what type of dispenser will be best for your specific needs. Explore a range of water dispensers here.

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