To this day, people still wonder whether to buy a split air conditioner or a window air conditioner. Many people still believe that window ACs are the best option, despite the fact that split ACs complement our modern house design and use less energy. Therefore, what factors should one consider before buying an AC?

Window AC vs Split AC

Window ACs are wall-mounted and are ideal for small rooms with windows. Their maintenance costs are also quite low, making them quite affordable. Installing a split air conditioner does not require windows and comes with a condenser and a compressor. They are usually used to cool large rooms. While the compressor is located in the outdoor unit, the evaporator is located in the indoor unit, which cools the room quickly.


Split AC comes in various colors and patterns that can change the entire look of your room. Window AC, on the other hand, is limited to one color, which is generally white.


A split AC will cost you almost twice as much as a window AC. So, if you are buying an AC for a small room. However, for a substantial space like a living room, you should invest in a split AC.

Power Consumption

If you are buying an AC for a small room and normal usage, a 3-star 1.5-ton window AC should be your ideal choice. But, if you are buying an AC for a much larger space that is supposed to work for 15 hours a day, opt for a 5-star split AC, this will save more energy.


When it comes to noise, split ACs produce little or no noise at all whereas window ACs produce a lot of noise. As window ACs work against the window, they produce noise. Therefore, for office space or even to complement your modern home décor, split AC is a perfect choice.


Window AC is a typically low-maintenance electronic good that is quite simple to service as all components are compactly designed. As for split air-conditioning, it needs to be serviced properly at regular intervals with the help of a professional or expert.

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