What type of air conditioner will best suit your requirements?

Different conditions and circumstances demand the use of different types of Air Conditioners. Every year, the market is swamped with new models of air conditioners that claim to be the right one for you. However, have YOU ever stopped to think which air conditioner will best suit your requirements?

Oryx Qatar has a wide range of air conditioners that serve just the right purpose. Air conditioners are typically designed to remove heat and control the humidity in an enclosed area. The type of air conditioner that you choose will most definitely depend on several factors, such as;

  • Area of the enclosed
  • • space
  • • Cost
  • • Energy consumption
  • • Noise
  • • Efficiency
  • • Maintenance among other deciding factors.
We offer expert advice on the type of air conditioners that will provide optimum cooling for your space and fit your budget too.
  • • Split air conditioners
  • • Window air conditioners
  • • Floor standing
  • • Cassette AC
  • • Central air conditioners

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